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Been A long haul...

2012-12-08 12:24:36 by JustShawn

Its been awhile since I've had any activity on my NG page, and I figured its time to say hello to all my favorite artists, and fellow critic's.

I've been keeping tabs on a lot of yall's music submissions and I must say that everyone's work is absolutely AMAZING! If you want some publicity, and are looking for a sponsor, there might be some light shining in the dark for you here :-D

I'm currently working on a fanpage for all of my favorite newgrounds music, video's, and parody's.
If you want to be listed on my page, please tell me so in a private message giving me your consent to advertise your masterpieces and we shall go from there.

Hope to hear from most of you sooner or later ^_^


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2013-08-23 12:57:17

Good luck with the page matey!