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I have selected 4 of my favorite artists here on newgrounds for a musical extravoganza!  I am sure some of you have heard of Fiesta Online, correct?  I have shared your names with the general masses and for them to check out some of your work and if your style of creativity would be acceptable for remaking this PC Game's music.





You four may notice a minor to large spike in your playlists, and I hope you welcome the challenge if approached by the gaming company which owns Fiesta!  I wish you luck, and I hope you take on the task!

For more information, and if you would like to sample some of the music without downloading the game (if you do not play it already) message me and we will talk there!

2016 brings new light to NG's Musicians!

2016-02-05 22:02:23 by JustShawn

Need Ideas?  Look No Further!

New headphones, better listening, better reviews!  I decided weeks ago that it was time to get rid of my "gaming" headset and go out and purchase my ass some Studio Quality headphones (Cost me $219 O_o) to better listen in on those refined pieces of work you all submit to us here on newgrounds.  Sure, a lot of you out there just listen by ear through your current system's speakers or a "jacked in" sound piece.  I like to utilize my 5.1 DB surround sound when jammin' to some of y'alls work, and even then...jam out through the headset to pick up on those "extra" qualities :D  Let's just say that with some of the submissions here lately and these headphones being used...yea, my ears are tingling with DELIGHT!


A lot of you out there have been looking for fresh ideas, and various aspects towards your music and even flashinations, and you can look no further!  I've been handing out advice and ideas to the general public here on newgrounds for quite awhile now, and 2016 has been promising artists some heavy hitting front-page art!

I've been working with Burn7 and a few other artists here on newgrounds about some types of music to toss up with their favorite genre's and styles...only to hear some amazing results come out of their finger-tips!  Let's put it this way, I've been willing to throw up some criticism to you all here on NG's and yet I have to publish anything than a simple, and poorly composed piece from an old Castlevania game...but with my desktop literally burning in the pits of hell, I can't create music on this PIECE OF SHIT laptop I have currently...but that will change in the future.

Now, let's get down to business...

Credit: BluMiu

I'm not big on the Artist Portal, but when you have artist's like this above pushing out work, you can rest assured that he/she is gathering ideas and generating them into amazing pieces like this!  When I toss up criticism, take it to heart or with a grain of salt!  I'm here to enjoy what you all offer the public, and quite a bit of you on here need to be officially recognized for the contributions that you make to this community.  If you're reading this and I have commented on your work in the past, and BUILT upon it to only pump out fresh shit that gained you popularity: Your Welcome!  Those of us who give you ideas keep you artist's going strong, and even though we don't say it often, BUT THANK YOU!

Please note: that I am NOT in any way affiliated with any major industry, corporation, or animation studio.  I do not claim to be, and will NEVER mislead the community or it's artist's.  Please be wary of who messages you and promises you "fame and fortune"...chances are they're a fraud and you could find your work stolen and/or misused.

Over the course of the many years I've been a member of the newgrounds community, I have seen soo much talent, lots of fails, and some "god-tier" submissions!  I'd like to point out that in saying this, I would like to see some of you advance further with your hobby and become well known!

Quite a few of you out there have the knack to become one of the greats!
Consider submitting your work to producers, various artist's, and even go as far as pushing your work as far as Hollywood!  Quite a bit of you have such raw talent that has yet to be touched, that it's unreal!

Prime example: Burn7

This artist has a knack for his gnere-choice, and executes it well!  Could you imagine if his work got recognized, and heard on the air-waves?  My case and point exactly.

I look forward to everyone's work this year!  Remember, reach for greatness while aiming high!